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I grew up in a preacher’s house. Looking back, it’s easy to surmise how some of the things that were normal to me, were foreign to others. For instance, going to church. It wasn’t something you did on Christmas Eve to put a nice big bow on the season, or pencil in on...

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You Can Plan on It

It’s been said that if you want to make God laugh, plan something. In this story, it’s a wedding. She might have been on her way to meet with the seamstress who would take her measurements and begin making her wedding gown. Or perhaps she was on her way to the market...

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A Word of Thanks

I just can’t. Thanksgiving comes around every year, same time same story: be ye thankful. I am of the firm belief that every day should be lived with a sense of gratitude, but we are so blessed that even our calendars remind us to be thankful at least once a year.  I...

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Wait! It’s interesting how that one small word affects us all in various degrees, in some way or another.  Wait – sir, you left your wallet on the counter! Or Wait, I didn’t mean to say that. Or Wait, what just happened?   Maybe it’s Wait your turn. Or even Wait –...

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Inheritance Matters

There were so many things to love about my dad. He was the kind of guy who made you feel better about life, faith, and yourself. Just from being around him.  What a gift. One of Dad’s favorite things to do in his spare time was tinker around on old cars. Our family...

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Crossing a Line

I am often inspired by random things. Yesterday, it was my vacuum cleaner. Call me crazy or just a lover of clean lines, but my Shark Rotator NV501 makes me sigh. Why do I love this machine so stinkin’ much? Is it because of its enhanced swivel steering or its...

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