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September 13

She was a woman of grace and of beauty. Lined in her closet were many beautiful hats, and she perfected the art of wearing each one of them well. Who was she? From 5:00 a.m. coffee and conversations with her mom in the cool of the morning, to shelling peas on the...

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Birthdays and Boots

My tiny human dropped in for an unexpected visit last night. For really no specific reason at all, just to hang out with her Grammy and Papa for a little while (and demonstrate her latest renderings of a self-taught cartwheel). She can now land on both feet! Sort of....

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Laundry Sheets

Anyone who knows me knows I’m…what’s the word my kids would use…particular about certain things. Okay, most everything. Angles of furniture. Pillow arrangements on beds. Vacuum lines in the carpet. Balance in a room, every room. For many, the household junk drawer is...

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Good Cheer?

…with the kids Jingle-belling and everyone telling you “Be of Good Cheer!” My tiny human came over for a visit last night. After doling out the obligatory hugs she headed straight to the stairs (her playroom is up there) like she always does. She looked...

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Leaning to the Left

It’s wedding planning time at our house. Bridal brunches, shoe shopping, sign making. The dreamy fog is starting to lift and the realization that this thing is happening (in just weeks!) is settling in. My baby is getting married! This mother of the bride is elated...

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It’s been a crazy week. As I take a few moments out of my hushed morning to lean a bit closer to the Father’s heart, He whispers your names to mine. This comes as no surprise to me, for I have held each of you there in special ways over the past weeks, months, and...

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5 Minutes

He had a squeaky voice and a silly grin, he could be stubborn and annoying, but his friends adored him. He wasn’t just the life of the party; he was the soul of the group, an unlikely and invisible thread that connected the motley crew to each other. His smile could...

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