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It’s wedding planning time at our house.

Bridal brunches, shoe shopping, sign making. The dreamy fog is starting to lift and the realization that this thing is happening (in just weeks!) is settling in. My baby is getting married! This mother of the bride is elated but the tears have hit go and they are running laps around my heart.

It’s also retirement planning time for my man. After 34 years of service in the Texas Department of Public Safety, my hero is hanging up his holster at the end of the month and coming home. It’s also sweet 16 birthday planning time for my pride and joy, Lanie. Sweet 16! My tiny human is turning 4 (whaaat??) next week and my anniversary is in 23 days. My calendar looks like the Mixmaster and my to-do list is arguably longer than Santa’s.

I should get a job and take a break. Maybe later.

Back to wedding planning and painting signs. A lover of all things creative, my soul is soothed when I sit down with a brush and a blank board, when I give myself permission to block out the chaos, for a little while, and dwell on the things that matter most to me. My faith, my family. To resume a conversation with my Father and this time let Him talk, too. There’s a lot going on right now, Father. Am I missing anything? Is my list current? Is my heart right? Is there coffee in Heaven?

 I haven’t gotten a clear commitment on the coffee thing (I’m leaning toward prepare to be amazed!) but I am being reminded of a few things. Life is full of transitions, and mine is no different. Like it or not (and in most cases I confess that I lean toward the not) this road of mine isn’t linear. I think the trick to avoiding the crash and burn is to lean into the curves. Quit fighting them and learn to be better at trusting. Better at enjoying. Better at being thankful. The Maker of the universe knows my list well. He is mindful of everything that concerns me and He truly cares…but He is not worried. I really shouldn’t be, either.

Life would be boring without transitions and milestones, and so I am grateful for them. There aren’t enough words to adequately convey how thankful I am for Corky Schalchlin, his unwavering integrity and service to our great state, his quirky sense of humor and strong sense of honor, his love for me and our kids. No words. I am thankful for the blue-eyed beauty who has called me Mom for 15 years and 352 days, for her laugh that makes my heart skip and her heart that makes me smile every day. I am thankful that my tiny human is healthy and strong, and that God chose Lauren, one of the strongest women I know, to be her mom. I am thankful for brunches and dress fittings and just this slice of time that I get to spend with Lindsey as she prepares to marry the man of her dreams. What a lovely, holy reminder of another wedding that will one day take place. I am thankful for today and for the ones I can hold close, for none of us are promised tomorrow.

Here’s to transitions! And leaning.curve1

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